The cabin that Cal and Adeline Clayton built

Clayton Cabin historical dates

Historic dates in history of The Clayton Cabin

First trips that started the Clayton family’s love affair with Yosemite

Marilyn Bullock (Ferrell), Carol Clayton (Kraus/O’Boyle)
Cal Clayton
Gary and Carol Clayton
Adeline Clayton (showing some skin!)


The cabin is starting to take shape

View of the front of the cabin
View of the back of the cabin
Front view with some lovely ladies sitting on the widow sill of where the large front window will eventually be placed


The Clayton Cabin was opened for the summer season, and the very first guests included Carol Clayton and her best friend, Marilyn Bullock

Marilyn Bullock (front lower step), Carol Clayton (back), Adeline Clayton (top step)


Marilyn Bullock and Carol Clayton
Carol Clayton, Gary Bocarde, Marilyn Bullock
Marilyn Bullock, Carol Clayton, Gary Clayton
Carol Clayton


A couple of San Jose State University sorority sisters from Delta Zeta enjoying the cabin

Carol Garret and Carol Clayton


The original cabin direction signs

Intersection of Forest Drive, Wawona Way, and Koon Hollar


The Swinging Bridge @ Wawona. David O’Boyle checking out the depth of the water below and sizing up his launch angle for his upcoming dive.

(Left to Right) Cal Clayton, David O’Boyle, oldest O’Boyle brother, Bobby O’Boyle

The young family enjoying the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad in Fish Camp, just a short drive from the Clayton Cabin

Bobby O’Boyle, oldest O’Boyle brother, Carol Clayton (O’Boyle), David O’Boyle, and Cal Clayton


The amazing days when we would sit on the back patio of the cabin, because no one had yet built a cabin on the back property line

Cal Clayton, Carol Clayton (O’Boyle) and Bobby O’Boyle


Started out as neighbors, and ended up being life long friends – The Roys’ and O’Boyle’s

Back row: Allen Roy, Carol O’Boyle (Kraus), Steve Roy, Jeannie Roy Front row: Tracy Roy, oldest O’Boyle brother, Bobby O’Boyle, David O’Boyle, & middle daughter Roy


The first grandson, with his grandfather, standing on the last patch of snow left in Tuolumne Meadows

Oldest O’Boyle brother and Cal Clayton


A mother and daughter at Glacier Point with a view of Nevada Falls in the background

Carol Clayton (O’Boyle) and Adeline Clayton


Cal and Adeline listened to the beloved Oakland Raiders beat the Minnesota Vikings on a little transistor radio while we were snowed in at the cabin. The Clayton’s three grandsons, the oldest O’Boyle brother, David, and Bobby, were there as well, and it is the only confirmed trip to the cabin in January

Clayton Pump House


The Clayton cabin kitchen during the 1970’s glory days

The original wood burning stove


The nightly feeding of all the deer in Wawona

Cal Clayton


Three grandsons with their beloved grandfather

Oldest O’Boyle brother, Cal Clayton, David O’Boyle, and Bobby O’Boyle in the squat


The most famous spot in Yosemite to take a picture. The parking lot located immediately after exiting the Wawona Tunnel with a view overlooking the entire Yosemite Valley

Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus) and Ken Kraus


The weekly Saturday evening summer BBQ on the lawn of the Wawona Hotel

Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus) and Ken Kraus


A legendary picture of both teams before a nighttime game of capture the flag

(Left to Right – backrow) Captain Frank Magarelli, Sean Karp, Jen Arnoldi’s bro, Jason A, Greg. Ryan Rosprim, Jason Knott, Michael Solari, Daver (partial obscured) & Bobby O’Boyle (Front row on the ground): Eric, Casey, Rachel Green (Knott),
Ryan Rosprim, Casey, George Krueger (R.I.P.), Joann, Rachel Green (Knott), Bobby O’Boyle, and Captain Frank Magarelli

Mother’s Day – 05/08/2005

Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus) and Colby O’Boyle

55 Year Anniversary – 09/14/2007

Gage Beasley-Knott (black Shirt); Emily (back row- white shirt); Christine Tapia (back row – red sweater)
Laura and David O’Boyle
Jason A, Rachel Green (Knott), Jason Knott, Felix, Bobby O’Boyle

Rachel Green (Knott), Jason Knott, Gage (in back in red shirt), Rick Bentley, Bobby O’Boyle

David O’Boyle, Bobby O’Boyle, and oldest O’Boyle brother
Left to Right: Mindy Ferrell (black sweater), Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus), Marilyn Bullock (Ferrell), oldest O’Boyle brother, Junko Ito
Marilyn Bullock (Ferrell), Gary Bocarde, Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus)
A couple of San Jose State college fraternity boys: George Leictner & Tom O’Boyle


Sharing an adult beverage during a hike up to Sheets Falls

Jason A, BJ, Bobby O’Boyle, Ryan Rosprim


A large group of friends and family during the annual week long “Big Trip” to Wawona. The most people that we ever got on “The Rock” at Sheets Falls (two miles past the Clayton Cabin)

Back row (no shirts): David O’Boyle, Frank Magarelli, Anthony Fugazi, Jason A, Bobby O’Boyle. 2nd row: Rick Bentley and his daughter, Paul Fugazi. Front row: Daniel, Tiff, some girl that I used to know, Lisa Swiss, William, and BJ in the water
“The Rock” @ Sheets Falls without a group of friends on it


Four miles from the Clayton cabin and three miles past the swinging bridge, is Hidden Falls

David O’Boyle, Jason A, Ricky (in black and hard to see in front of Jason), and jumping off the top of the falls is Bobby O’Boyle


Another year of fires creating hazy skies


Two life long best friends visiting the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias just minutes from the Clayton Cabin

Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus) and Marilyn Bullock (Ferrell)


Rebuilding the cabin entrance stairs prior to pre-party 50th Birthday Party for Laura and Bobby O’Boyle

David O’Boyle starting the stair rebuild
Enjoying the completion of the new stairs, David O’Boyle and Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus)
Good times with friends and Round Table pizza during the pre-party celebration (Jason Knott, Bobby O’Boyle, Gage Beasley-Knott, Christina Alarid (wearing red and white hat), Soalri, Jason A, and Zofia.
Jason Knott during pre-party celebrati\on


Friends walking the short five minutes to “Bourne’s” swim hole

The family and friends floating @ Bourne’s


The annual “Last weekend of the year” cabin closing trip in October

Swinging Bridge – Bobby O’Boyle, Jason A, Ryan Rosprim, and George Krueger (R.I.P)
Turtle Rock – George Krueger (R.I.P), Jason A, and Ryan Rosprim
Turtle Rock – George Kruger (R.I.P.), Jason A, and Ryan Rosprim
Turtle Rock – view from Turtle Rock looking back towards the Clayton Cabin


A boy and his dog…

The oldest O’Boyle brother and Kuma chilling on the deck
Kuma and oldest O’Boyle brother on a walk


Just a mile down the road from the Clayton Cabin is the Meadow Loop Trail (COVID Pandemic and another major fire)

Carol Clayton (O’Boyle/Kraus) and Laura O’Boyle – masks as a result of a double whammy: The COVID 19 pandemic and another fire raging just outside Wawona
View of Whale Rock (five minute walk from the Clayton cabin)
Standing on Whale Rock looking down on the swim hole


The 2020 “closing weekend” annual trip

(Back row) Bobby O’Boyle, Michael Solari, Captain Frank Magarelli (Front row) David O’Boyle & Jason A @ Lower Fish Camp Falls


The 2021 cabin opening for the season, and use the three day trip to share memories of the passing of our dear friend, George Krueger.


The 2021 “closing weekend” annual trip

Captain Frank Magarelli, Jason A, Bobby O’Boyle, David O’Boyle, & Pauly on top of Turtle Rock
Captain Magarelli trying to stay warm
David O’Boyle standing on Whale Rock and starring into the swim hole below


Oldest O’Boyle brother, Carol Kraus, and Bobby O’Boyle, getting ready to participate in the annual Wawona 4th of July parade


David O’Boyle looking over his “Middle Child Day” card



The newest addition to the family – Nora Tapia – enjoying the Clayton Cabin

Don’t miss out on spending some quality time with friends and family in beautiful Wawona, CA

The Clayton Cabin through the years: